Step by Step - Cutting onions properly

Dicing an onion is best done with a vegetable knife, such as the Fissler vegetable knife from the perfection line.

252x168 zwiebel step1 01

Carefully remove the skin of the onion, then cut the onion in half lengthwise from the stem to the tip. Important: Do not remove the stem of the onion! Place half of the onion on a cutting board, with the cut face facing downward. A little tip on how to hold your hand so that you don’t cut yourself: Bend your fingers slightly, and place the tips of your fingers on the onion so that they rest on it. Then the knife can be easily guided along the lower part of your fingers.

252x168 zwiebel step2 01

Cut the onion lengthwise in strips up to just before the stem, so that it is still held together by the stem.

252x168 zwiebel step3 01

Now cut into the onion horizontally two or three times up to just before the stem. The greater the number of horizontal cuts, the finer the cubes will be.

252x168 zwiebel step4 01

Finally, cut the onion against the grain, so that it simply falls into many fine cubes.


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